St. George's mushroom

Latin name: Calocybe gambosa


The St George’s mushroom is mainly found in meadows, at the edge of woodland and in parks. This mushroom forms a clear fairy ring and has a wonderful flavour. St George’s mushrooms can be bought at markets in France and Italy where they are imported from other countries.


The mushroom has a cap with a diameter that ranges from 3 to 10 cm. The pronounced gills underneath the cap are closely crowded together. The St George’s mushroom is smooth and creamy white. It has a round thick stem that resembles a cep. This mushroom only appears in spring.

Flavour and use

The St George’s mushroom has a very distinctive mealy, cucumber aroma and a subtle, yet mildly spicy, flavour. The St George’s mushroom can be eaten raw or as an ingredient in pasta sauce with fried pancetta or bacon and a dash of cream. It also tastes amazing fried in butter and served on a bed of rocket leaves and salad leaves.

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