Latin name: Morchella conica

Morels were originally found in abundance in Europein calcerous woodland. However, these delicacies have since disappeared in many places and are now a protected species. Morels grow in springtime in scrub, open woodland, on fallow ground, on dunes and along paths. They are only available fresh for six months of the year. These fresh Morels come fromTurkey, Greece and Eastern Europe. The rest of the year they are available dried.

Morels have a spongy, pointed cap with a honeycomb appearance. The golden brown cap is 5 to 20 cmhigh and turns yellowy-orange with age. The fruiting body is hollow on the inside, and the flesh is white to cream in colour.

Storage and shelf life
Fresh Morels do not keep very long. They should ideally be refrigerated immediately after purchase and used straight away if possible.

Flavour and use
Before Morels can be eaten they must be properly cooked. They must never be eaten raw as they are poisonous when raw. Morels have a herby flavour and are a perfect accompaniment to game or stews.

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