Chestnut mushroom

Latin name: Agaricus bisporus

After the White Mushroom, the Chestnut Mushroom is the most commonly cultivated mushroom in theNetherlands. It is cultivated in growing rooms where the temperature and humidity are adjusted to create the optimum climate. This enables these mushrooms to be grown all year round. The mushrooms are picked by hand and immediately packed in the packaging in which they are sold.

The Chestnut Mushroom is a light-brown variant of the White Mushroom. The Chestnut Mushroom grows at a lower temperature than the White Mushroom and is grown less densely per square metre.

Storage and shelf life
Store Chestnut Mushrooms in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. Chestnut Mushrooms keep best when stored at a temperature of between 4° and 7°C. They will then keep for at least three days.

Flavour and use
The Chestnut Mushroom has a slightly nutty flavour. The flesh is firmer than that of White Mushrooms. Like White Mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms are delicious in salads or pasta dishes.

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