Cepe (Penny bun)

Latin name: Boletus edulis

Ceps are commonly known in the restaurant trade by their French or Italian names, cèpes or porcini. The cep is a wild mushroom and is mainly found in deciduous and coniferous forests in France and Italy. The cep season in these countries runs from early summer to late autumn. Weather conditions play an important role in the availability of ceps.

Ceps have a fleshy, dark-brown cap between 6 and 30 cm across which feels slightly tacky. The underside of the cap often has a slightly spongy appearance. The stem can be anything from 3 to 23 cm long and is very thick. The flesh of the cep is always pure white.

Storage and shelf  life
Ceps do not keep well. They should ideally be refrigerated immediately after purchase and used straight away if possible.

Flavour and use
The flesh of the cep is firm, nutty and mild tasting. Its outstanding flavour and wonderful aroma make it extremely versatile. It is delicious in cooked dishes and can even be used raw in thin strips in salads. The cep is an extremely popular ingredient with chefs.

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