Westland Mushrooms is a true family-run company. More than forty years ago, the parents of the current generation of the Schuurmans family started selling speciality mushrooms, mainly to the wholesale and catering trades.
These specialists soon acquired a reputation in the market; not only among the growing number of customers, but also among their peers in the sector. Over time, this led to Westland Mushrooms becoming part of the Banken Champignons Group. Within the Group, Westland Mushrooms has evolved independently into an authority and specialist for exotic mushrooms and related food products.


Our customers come with a clear idea of what they need: a kilo of this, 500 grams of that and so on. Our entire company is structured around fulfilling that need. Our strength is supplying orders made up of a diversity of produce, in small quantities. It’s absolutely no problem to supply an order with 50-60 different types of produce.

Our sales team work where the goods arrive, so they see everything that enters and leaves the company. By keeping this close to the flow of produce, we can serve our customers quickly and flexibly. And we have developed an intuitive sense for trends. We know precisely what consumers want and can supply it quickly.


Thanks to our comprehensive range, and our ability to supply to specification, customers increasing ask for a complete package of ‘exotic’ produce. Not just mushrooms and sprouts, but also exotic vegetables sourced from local traders. A service we are happy to provide. We combine their requirements and make life easier for our customers. Whether they order one or two packages, or five full pallets –  we devote the same level of attention to everyone.



Diverse customer base

You can find produce from Westland Mushrooms all over the world. At your local supermarket, on a market stall, at a speciality green grocer. In the Netherlands and beyond – as many of our customers are exporters who market their produce worldwide. Our way of introducing the world to “Perfection in Fresh”.



Close to the source

Westland Mushrooms deals direct with the source. By removing links in the distribution chain, we can offer our customers attractive, competitive prices. And this allows us to monitor quality closely. As well as offering excellent quality, fresh produce we support our customers in their sales efforts by printing recipes in various languages on the packaging, for example.



Your compass to fresh